“I booked an appointment with Jane as she seemed quite knowledgeable about my issue and also quite down to earth. After having my first session with Jane I liked her personable approach and physical technique. Not only does Jane work on your physical body, but she is also a great listener and has such useful insightful pieces of advice that I would always leave her house  feeling mentally rejuvenated as well and more informed on how to improve my situation. She is a very positive lady and I find her positivity refreshingly infectious.  After only a couple of sessions with Jane I started to notice improvements and I am delighted to say that after only 5 or 6 sessions I’ve gotten the result that I was hoping and praying for.  I would highly recommend Jane to people for reflexology treatment/management of health issues and even just for pure relaxation.  In fact, I have already recommended her to my sisters who have now also gone to see her.” BA

“I enjoyed a wonderful facial reflexology session with Jane last week  It was amazing what Jane could tell about my own health from the session!  Truly relaxing, my skin was glowing afterwards and I had some super health tips to take away.  Many thanks Jane.” SM

“Having practised Yoga and it many relaxation techniques for the past 15 years I fully understand the need to relax and release tension from the face.  After Jane’s facial reflexology I can see that my face is more relaxed, more lifted and my brow is less furrowed.  My eyes appeared less puff and the Gua Sha leaves my skin glowing the delicately pink, so much so I feel confident to not apply my usual foundation.  A special Yogi once told me that the wrinkles on your forehead are a reflection of your worries, so that you Jane you also seem to be taking away a few worries too!” CL

“I feel fantastic! My ears feel clear and the bags under my eyes are nearly gone.  My skin is glowing too. That is a brilliant treatment.”  SH

“It was lovely to meet you and have such an amazing experience.  My face has felt and looked wonderful and my partner noticed the glow on my face immediately.  I am still receiving comments two days later on how fresh and glowing my face looks.  Thank you very much, it was an exceptional treatment and a complete pamper, a real treat. Long lasting treatment!” AL

“A wonderful facial reflexology treatment by Jane.  Very professional and knowledgeable.  A combination of reflexology points and massage using beautiful essential oils and healing crystals – bliss!  The results were truly amazing. Thank you.” AA

“I had a fantastic facial reflexology treatment by Jane Downes, It was amazing.  Jane is very professional in her work.  Give her a call and try it, you won’t be disappointed.” JM

“Found service exceptional and have had good advice to support me through a difficult time whilst undergoing chemotherapy. jane has supported my general well-being as well as my medical side effects and has great understanding of difficulties encounted and has adapted my treatment to account for this.” CT

“I really enjoyed the reflexology, I feel I benefitted after the first treatment with the problems I discussed with Jane. It started helping me with my monthly cycle. She explained everything to me as we went along which I felt really helpful. She is a very friendly person and makes you feel totally at ease and relaxed. The session was a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. I cannot wait to book another appointment.” JM

“Jane is a very knowledgeable and warm person. As soon as you meet her she makes you feel at ease. She makes you relaxed and comfortable before discussing what you want to get out of the treatment. I would definitely recommend her as a highly rated reflexologist.” NE

“Thank you Jane for the Reflexology ‘a lovely treat’. I enjoyed a wonderful refreshing sleep, sweet dreams, awoke refreshed with none of the recent stiffness I have been experiencing. I’m definitely a convert. Thanks again, Mary” MS

“Jane is a supportive and conscientious practitioner. When I was unable to drive due to a back injury, she visited my home the evening of my call to help to ease my situation. The treatments I received certainly eased my discomfort and helped considerably towards my recovery. I left each session feeling refreshed, calm and with a general sense of well being.” BT

“Jane has worked with our 24 year old daughter who has severe uncontrolled epilepsy and learning difficulty for the past 15 months. My family and I cannot begin to thank her for the absolutely wonderful work she has and continues to do with our daughter. Jane’s input has provided us with valuable insights into various system imbalances our daughter has been experiencing and on numerous occasions, has directed our attention to issues she had detected for the purpose of seeking medical attention. A particular strength is Jane’s ability to communicate effortlessly with our daughter, being able to read her non-verbal communications about how she was experiencing Jane’s treatment. We continue to rely on her treatment as a much valued aspect of our daughter’s health and well-being. Thank you so much Jane.” OG

“Jane has a friendly and caring approach which put me at ease and enhanced the feeling of well being after a relaxing and professional treatment.” BL

“After discussing possible fertility issues with Jane i decided to pursue a a course of treatment. After just two sessions i was delighted to discover i was pregnant. Jane is very knowledgeable, understanding and supportive.” EK

“I have received a number of treatments from Jane and have always been incredibly impressed by her depth of knowledge, professional and friendly approach and the highly personal interest she takes in her clients. Jane would happily spend time between our sessions researching the problems I was encountering which meant she could always offer information and advice outside of the remit of the treatments she was offering. She is incredibly knowledgable, enthusiastic and confident in the treatments she offers. It is also a wonderfully relaxing way to spend an hour!” RG

“I have been to different reflexologists in the past, and Jane is one of the best! I came with a bad back after a fall down the stairs and was amazed that the pain had virtually disappeared after my treatment, Jane explained the techiques she was using including working on specific spinal points. I felt totally relaxed afterwards!Fantastic!” MB

“I felt in very good hands with Jane and had a very relaxing treatment. Before & after we met Jane emailed me with very helpful information and advice. I would recommend Jane without hesitation.” VR

“Both my partner and I had reflexology I suffer from osteoarthritis as well as pain and numbness in left thigh, my partner is recovering from a brain tumour. The treatment has reduced my pain and discomfort so much that I only need pain relief to occasionally where I was on it 4times a day and was still in a lot of pain with this. My partner is more relaxed and as he is not weight bearing has swollen legs and feet seems to help with this.” PS